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Renée Voltaire (Organic foods)

Rene, he created his company in the recent 2005. (100 artikulasobstveno production).


Italy is famous in the world with quality organic produce.


Chips "Organique" is not fried. Contains amaranth and spelled

Natur Hurtig

Salt is one of the main building components of life (living organisms).

USDA organic - certificate

USA new label for organic food makes a much anticipated debut.

IMC - certificate

IMC began in 1995 in Senigallia, Marche region in Italy, where the main offices.

JAS - certificate

JAS system was introduced in 1950 as a law standards of agriculture and forestry.

ICEA - certificate

ICEA, ethical and environmental certification institute checks and certifies environmentally friendly companies ...

BDIH - certificate

Association of German Industries and trading companies for pharmaceutical products.

Naturalis SК - certificate

The main areas of inspection and certification of organic farming.

Farro di cocco - certificate

This brand guarantees full traceability of the production chain ......

Fairtrade - certificate

Fairtrade is an international movement (products produced in poor countries )....

Organic Farming - certificate

The logo of the EU organic farming is the guarantor of consumer confidence .....

Bio-Siegel certificate

Today, thanks to the Bio-Siegel, users can recognize organic products at a glance.

Ecocontrol - certificate

In EcoControl procedures and know-how is based on ten years of experience of Dr. Joachim Banzhaf.

Ecogarantie ® - certificate

Ecogarantie ® is a Belgian brand of environmentally friendly products.

Vegan - certificate

The world's first vegetarian society was established in November 1944. in Birmingham, England.

Cotton - certificate

In the production of organic cotton does not use azo dyes, chlorine bleaching and ....

Nordic Environmental Label - certificate

Scandinavian certification mark.

Soil Association - certificate

Soil Association is the most famous and most comprehensive standards for organic production and processing in the world.


Means for washing and cleaning to protect the water - carrier of life.


"Trifolio-M"produces "Effective biological agents" for plant protection


Environmental protection is the core concerns of Peugeot......


"LIfefood" produces incredible chocolate made from roasted cocoa beans.