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U.S. new label for organic food makes a much anticipated debut. He is hailed as a positive step for U.S. organic food industry, however, it also has its critics.
To date, all organic food sold in the U.S. will be produced in accordance with national standards and they shall bear the official USDA Organic seal.
Ministry of Agriculture of the USA (USDA) introduced four types of organic labels:

* 100% organic: Only organically produced ingredients in products.
* Organic: Contains 95 / 99% organically produced ingredients. Food may contain spices or flavorings that are not organic.
* Made with Organic Ingredients: At least 70% organic ingredients.
* Some organic ingredients: less than 70%.

They are shown from left to right in the picture. The organic seal can be seen clearly in the first two products that are 100 percent organic and organic, but not print the last two products.

The producer of cereals, 70% organic ingredients may list specific organically produced ingredients on the box, but can not put words Organic front of the box.

The main purpose of the NOS program is to standardize organic production standards in the U.S. and to prevent fraud and improper labeling of products. There are many differences in standards between countries and consumers are increasingly confused by the differences between organic products that were manufactured in accordance with different standards.

There were incidents in which conventional products have been marketed as organic foods false. All organic foods in the U.S. must now meet national standards of production and companies face fines if their organic products do not meet these standards. This also applies to imported organic products. A number of foreign certification bodies have applied for accreditation by the USDA and the number of approved certification has reached 58.

In the NOS program will strengthen consumer confidence in organic food and is seen as a turning point for the industry as it develops basic status. Consumer demand for organic foods are increasing in the U.S. with sales increasing by more than 20 percent annually to reach the US $ 9 billion in 2001.

U.S. has the largest organic food industry in the world and NOS program is likely to increase consumer demand for organic foods. High rates of growth will continue, as consumers gain access to a wide selection of organic products that are manufactured in accordance with uniform methods of production. It remains to be seen, however, how to develop in the long term, whether it maintains its identity or assimilate into the American food industry.


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