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A few years ago, Swedish healthy foods were not considered fashionable. But all this before ReneeVoltaireda undertake to show that organic food is better tasting and can inspire us to a better life. Rene is a Swedish lady who shows with femininity and love of the world, how a person should consume only those foods that confer health, not those who deny it. Part of her philosophy is "food that is healthy, beautiful and fun to be prepared."

Rene's life, and the other members of the team is a great mix of raw food, yoga and organic farming. They know how what we eat affects the body and helps them. Renee is a wonderful woman who loves to pick fruit or vegetables from your garden and prepare it with love, thus the excellent taste of the dish is guaranteed. With a pinch of love! It is amazing to watch the little seed has so much energy and due care, sun and water becomes a big plant that gives us the most valuable and nutritious food.

Renee created his company in the recent 2005. We have over 100 items, own production, are already in Bulgaria and we are pleased to try. And they are all created with the sole aim to make cooking and eating in everyday pleasure.


country: Sweden



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1. production:

- Sweet and salty foods.
- Cotton swabs and dressings.