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Fairtrade is a hallmark of the fair in Italy, managed by the Fairtrade Italy. Fairtrade Italy is a consortium composed of non-profit organizations working in international cooperation, solidarity and fair trade, born in 1994 to spread in the mass distribution of the fair market products.

Fairtrade Italy is part of the FLO (Fair Trade labeling organizations), international coordination of the hallmarks, along with 20 other brands operating in Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan. In practice, the Fair Trade label guarantees that products with the logo, you'll find in supermarkets or shops in some of the world have been treated without causes or exacerbates poverty and were purchased in accordance with the criteria of fair trade solidarity. So chocolate, cocoa, tea, coffee, bananas, orange juice, honey, but also soccer balls, cotton, roses and many other new products that will be good for consumers and producers.

"Fair Trade" (fair trade) is an international movement and organization of trade networks distributors of products produced in poor countries and marketed in more economically advanced. The purpose of these organizations is to permanently improve conditions for producer members and to protect the environment.
In 2001 international structures FLO, IFAT, NEWS, EFTA fair and equitable trade offer the following definition of its activities:

"Fair trade" is a partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect in order to achieve greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development, creates better trading conditions and guaranteeing the rights of marginalized producers and workers, particularly in Southern countries on the planet.

Organizations for fair and equitable trade (supported by consumers) are actively engaged actively support the manufacturer to prepare public opinion to carry out activities in favor of changing the rules and practices of conventional international trade.
The goods subject to trade of free trade are originally textile and handicraft products. In the early 21st century, this activity extends to other food products, among which the sale of coffee is the highest share. In 2005, Max Havelaar introduced "quality assurance" for cotton, thus bringing fashion products in the form of trade. Among the first products are fashion brand clothes or shoes Ideo Veja


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