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BDIH of the Association of German Industries and Trading companies in pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, nutritional supplements and personal care products ( Association, located in Mannheim, Germany, has over 440 manufacturers and distributors:

• Cosmetics and natural cosmetics
• Nutritional Supplements
• over the counter drugs
• Medical Devices

In 1996 g.raboteyki with leading manufacturers of natural cosmetics, BDIH develop certified natural cosmetics, given consumer expectations. Based on these guidelines, an independent institute has tested more than 2,000 products for content and production methods.

Natural cosmetics serve to beautify and care for the human body with ingredients from nature. This is possible with natural materials, friendly to the skin and the environment.

Natural cosmetics should stimulate and support our natural skin functions, but does not replace physiological processes. These products offer gentle, healthy care and support are important for skin health for all ages. Natural cosmetics coordinate body, soul and spirit.

Manufacturers of products marked with BDIH "Certified natural cosmetics" using natural vegetable oils such as surovina.Takiva, fats and waxes, herbal extracts and essential oils and aromatic materials from controlled biological cultivation or controlled biological wild collection. In addition to careful selection of raw materials, the environmental impact of each product plays an important role.


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