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Lifefood CZ is a Czech company which was founded in 2006. We began by importing and distributing natural organic rawfood products and specialties from all around the globe. In Spring 2007 Lifefood CZ launched its own production of natural organic food products, creating our own line of "healthy and delicious" life foods. We focus on 100% vegan and cold-processed foods, emphasizing the preservation of the natural essence and flavor of the ingredients. Our products are not baked, neither cooked nor pasteurized. We sprout, marinate, blend and dehydrate at low temperatures. Below the temperature of 42°C all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and basic nutrients remain intact and easily assimilated by our digestion.

Our main ingredients are organic nuts, seeds, dried fruits, raw cacao, fresh herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. Our products are completely gluten-free and we do not use refined sugar. We make them all by hand, artisanally.
Lifefood CZ team is fully committed to bringing you all natural foods vegetarian life, most nutritious food that nature has created.


country: Czech Republic
city: Prague
  • manufacturer:  "Lifefood Czech Republic s.r.
  • trademark: "Lifefood"


Representative for Bulgaria: "Healthy life"
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1.) production:

- Sweet and salty (raw) foods.
- Raw products for diabetics.