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Environmental protection is the core concerns of Peugeot. This is demonstrated by its engine of innovation, in particular through the "Operation Carbon." As a true green program developed by Peugeot, carbon operation clearly demonstrates the company's desire to fight increasing greenhouse gas emissions more directly and effectively as possible.

Today, Peugeot cars are distributed in over 150 countries and are universally recognized by their logo, Leo (Lion).

On November 20, 1858 Emile PEUGEOT first recorded use of a lion with or without an arrow as the brand logo.

The origin of the lion:

Emil PEUGEOT asked Julien Blazer dealing with engraving and gold in the Franche-Comte region of France, to create a logo, Where they to identify all products PEUGEOT. The emblem of the Lion then quickly found its place on the edge of saws and laminated instruments, this animal was chosen for easy comparison with saws PEUGEOT, as they were then - and still are - known to:

- Healthy teeth like those of lions.
- Flexibility of the spine as the blade of a lion.
- Fast cutting like a lion on its prey.

Over time, the emergence of the Lion has evolved from a majestic profile of walking on the arrow to start the beginning of his stand on the left. Today emblem often occurs without an arrow or less, turn right. In 1882, the top of the mane of a lion is promenena.Kato quickly became the sole registered trademark of Peugeot.Lavat can be found not only tools and saws, but also coffee grinders in 1881, Bicycle from 1882 and 1898 motorcycles.

Models Peugeot:

201 found the new system, an original procedure notes, Peugeot worldwide. But it may seem a little mysterious to outsiders. How do you do?

The first digit indicates the vehicle "family" size range, the second is always zero and the link that connects the family number of the third digit indicates the generation of the model in accordance with their appearance over time. Of course, there can be overlap.

From that moment on, all models of Peugeot subject of this series, starting with cars started in 1930 after 201, 301, 401 and 601. However, some utility vehicles, D3A and J7, do not fall under this system. These days, they have names such as Expert and Boxer.

The system has been registered by Peugeot, anything that Porsche has found a way to implement it. Stuttgart's new model, which failed on 356 was introduced in 1963 and called 901. Inform Peugeot Porsche, that the lion mark has exclusive rights to the names of three digits with zero in the middle. Because 901 is 911 (Porsche).

For a long time, the most popular for generations of the Peugeot was fourth with six models (104 to 604), followed by 5 (205-605) and 6 (106-806), each with five models. A car appears as an isolated case in this context, 309. Due to its particular development - this is Simca Chrysler heritage - his appearance is somewhat different, and hence its name in the periphery of the numbering system of the scope at this time.

With the increase and extension, which predominates in the current era, recording the fourth series has been beaten down from generation to seventh series, which is not less than eight families.
It was decided in 2004 to double the average zero for new models to be clearly identified: this is so, since the start of 1007, a compact engine design with sliding side doors and 4007 is the first Peugeot (4 x 4) SUV .



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