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Green grass walls and gardens.


Green walls provide multiple benefits when dealing with the vertical space in urban environments, indoor and out.

There are sound ecological reasons to install green walls rather than purely for visual aesthetic reasons. All plants absorb and clean pollutants from the air. Just 50 square feet of vertical garden can consume as much CO2 as a 14’ high tree in a year.

Benefits include:


Reduction of thermal loading to buildings, indoors or outdoors – lower heating and cooling costs, thus lower carbon emissions


Reduction of heat island effect –by deflecting, dispersing and absorbing the sun’s rays green walls lower ambient outside air temperatures


Re-hydration of the small water cycle – plants evapotranspire moisture into the wider environment


Air purification – plants are efficient filters of pollution – especially when used indoors


Research undertaken by NASA proves that plants are capable of cleaning indoor air of toxic chemicals that are common in modern buildings including VOCs,  CO,   TCE,   Benzene,   Toluene,   Xylene,  Formaldehyde


Noise attenuation – quieter buildings and streets


Ecological habitat increased for pollinating insects, songbirdsand other wildlife


Positive urban psychology – improve human comfort and relieve stress by elevating foliage and flowers into the field of vision


Less inputs, hydroponic vertical gardens can use minimal water and nutrient input than other systems


Absorb and detain storm water, reducing “first-flush” loads on pumping and treatment systems