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The company bearing that name was established back in 1930. Socially responsible its founder Sven Hartig, except to produce salt and oriented to conduct lectures in various companies to make the general public with beneficial effects of such salts. The production strictly comply with European standards and relies on the quality. Company's production facilities in Thuringia, Saxony and in Pakistan. The company motto is that if you want to stay healthy and young, then you are required not only more active movement, enough sleep, love, warm relationships with relatives, but also fully healthy eating.

As we well know salt is a major building components of life (living organisms). Not by chance is called "white gold". It can have different color variations. Its useful characteristics are numerous. Moderate consumption of salt stabilizes blood pressure and heart rate, vital for the disposal of acids from cells in the body, regulate blood sugar, acts as a generator of energy for cells vitally important (key) is the work of nerve cells involved in clearing mucus from the lungs, aids digestion, clears your sinuses, preventing stiff muscles, reduces saliva during sleep, strengthens the building of bones (prevents osteoporosis, a disease which leads to lack of water and salt in the body). 27% of salt in the body is in bones. Osteoporosis occurs when the body needs more salt and taken from her bones. The list of useful properties of salt continues with its ability to regulate sleep, to keep sexuality (sexual function) and libido, to prevent varicose veins. And its proven beneficial effect on arthritis, dry cough and a double chin (goiter).

Himalayan salt brand NaturHurtige natural product of more than 250 million years. Tya is completely clean and uncontaminated. Contains almost all elements existing in the German stone prirodata.Vazrastta solNaturHurtig more than 200 million years, formed is 400-750 feet below ground and is preserved by modern natural phenomena. It is completely organic and chemically untreated and there is no trace minerals or other harmful elements. These are (some) high quality products ready for direct consumption as a spice to dishes, salads, soups, sauces, drinks, etc. and brine.

Salt is harmful when consumed in large quantities. We all know what the health regulations moderate. For people in good health is not recommended for more than 3-4g added salt - all for a total daily intake. In hypertension, renal failure, advanced atherosclerosis, and some metabolic diseases recommended limited by low intake. Ordinary table salt is improved by adding aluminum silicate. Aluminum is toxic to the nervous system and is considered one of the causes of Alzheimer's disease. Therefore choose these types of salts that have proven effectiveness. Bet on the tried and tested quality branded NaturHurtig. We use it in all my long healthy culinary experiments.
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country: Germany
city: Chemnitz



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1.) production:

- Rocksalt.
- Himalayansalt.
- Cosmetics.
- Candles.