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In EcoControl procedures and know-how is based on ten years of experience of Dr. Joachim Banzhaf, director of EcoControl. Joachim Banzhaf BDIH is the head of inspection and certification for natural cosmetics. It is a technical auditor for accreditation of certification bodies (product certification and management), EFQM assessor and ISO 9000 lead auditor. In the sector of organic certification, it has more than 15 years experience makes global checks and training of inspectors and personnel certification body.

EcoControl certifies:

1. Natural and organic cosmetics according NaTrue and NSF / ANSI 305 (for U.S. market) standards

2. Materials produced from organically grown, certified agricultural production (including harvesting of wild places) that are not food or feed (excluding pet food) and not processed for food or feed.

3. Processed plant material: the procedures adopted processing plant materials are natural extraction, extracting CO2, water vapor extraction, vegetable oil extracts, alcohol extracts. If other means are used for extraction must be stated explicitly in the certificate.

4. Management systems quality, documented and implemented GMP system (based on cosmetic GMP ISO 22716:2007) and IFS-HPC in cooperation with TÜV-Nord

5. Company standards are in accordance with the principles EcoControl

EcoControl principles:

-sustainable and ethical standards of the company.

EcoControl certified "company standard" with the following principles:

* The purpose of operations include the principles of sustainable environmental review, society, employees and suppliers
* If any, environmental quality of the products are based on the internationally recognized standard. If this standard is not available, own criteria will be set for the environmental quality of raw materials and finished products
* All materials are processed from natural raw materials
* Non-fossil resources (eg mineral oils, coal, fossil water) or products made from them are used.
* The whole chain product (including raw materials) are not genetically modified organisms are used
* Use of nanotechnology is based on risk analysis for the environment, society, employees, suppliers and customers

In EcoControl principles must be documented and include at least:

1.Da describe targets for performance.
2.Sistema for good manufacturing practices (GMP).
3.Sistema monitoring.
4.Opisanie product quality.
5.Sistema tracking.


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