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We test the quality characteristics of a product on the basis of relevant guidelines and directives as well as laws and standards.

The assessment and optimization of the usability of products gains more and more in importance. User friendly products distinguish themselves by satisfying the user to a high degree when it comes to effectiveness, efficiency and learnability of the use of a product.


Next to the technical product characteristics that describe and highlight the quality of your product (i.e. energy efficiency, free from hazardous materials, picture quality of displays, cutting quality of string trimmer, etc.) the human being as a user is the focus of the VDE. Ergonomics play an essential role because the pleasure of using is lastingly increased. This generates confidence, customer loyalty and a positive image for your product.

The VDE offers comprehensive services for the testing, assessment and optimization of your product.


International Certification


Short product release periods are a decisive competitive advantage especially on foreign markets. It is not only important to be faster than the competition. Also high innovation rates and shorter product life cycles force the manufacturers to accelerate the approval and marketing processes. Why take the detour? A partnership with the VDE Institute directly leads to sales and distribution goals – with all information and services, complete and integral from a single source. 

Advantages range from reduced data research requirements and administrative expenses, through obtaining all necessary testing and certification, to significangly shorter time-to-market and improved market reach.

Benefit from the internationally recognized competence and presence of the VDE Institute and its networks in international markets:

  • Reliable market access thanks to the international accreditations of the VDE Institute for the EU market, listed under the ID number 0366, member of the international CB and other European certification procedures (HAR, ENEC etc.)
  • VDE test reports allow access to national certificates, for example in Russia (Gost-R), China (CCC), Japan, Korea, Australia or Argentina
  • Direct access to the North American market through CSA (e.g. CSA, CSA-US marks) or UL
  • Processes are facilltated, as the responsible approval bodies worldwide recognize the high testing quality of the VDE Institute
  • When it comes to standards, statutory provisions, approvals and certifications, we not only speak the recognized world languages but also all of the others - wether it be Chinese, Arabic, Russian or Portugese
  • The VDE mark and VDE certificates are appreciated by procurement managers and consumers worldwide and are used as reliable guides when purchasing


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