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VDE, the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies, is one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe with more than 34,000 members. VDE members include not only engineers but also scientists, students, technicians, all important businesses in the electrical, electronic and information technology industry, the electrical utilities, federal authorities and institutions. The VDE is represented throughout Germany on a regional basis by 29 regional societies, and is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main.


The responsibilities of the Association include

  • the ongoing development of electrotechnology, electronics, and information technology, and their related technologies;
  • supporting the use of electrotechnology and electronics in mechanical engineering, in manufacturing and process automation, transport and medical technology, etc ;
  • the promotion of national and international transfers of technical knowledge;
  • continuing education and career development supported by a varied program of congresses, technical symposia and seminars;
  • participation in political decision-making in matters regarding education and research;
  • the interdisciplinary promotion of scientific knowledge and training.

Let's start off our tour with a brief description of our primary aims and responsibilities.
Put simply: We network experts and technologies. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the ongoing development of various technologies and encourage their applications in a wide variety of industries. We do this by promoting the national and international transfer of technical know-how; by supporting the education and training of new generations of talents; by participating in political decision-making on education and research; and by backing educational and career development with a broad program of conferences, symposia and seminars.
At the same time, we work to improve the general public's understanding – and acceptance – of new technologies. We believe that innovation is one of the strongest assets of German industry and the one factor that can secure our global competitiveness however open and aggressive the markets may be.
And on the practical side – the side that the public most frequently sees – we make sure that electrotechnical products sold in Germany and worldwide are safe, and guarantee this with rigorous testing certified with the famous VDE Mark. Today, more than 200,000 types of products worldwide carry VDE Certification Marks. So in the end, everyone benefits from our work - either directly or indirectly.

And why all this?

Simply because information-, energy-, micro- and nano technologies and life sciences play paramount roles in modern society and will open up enormous opportunities for Germany in the coming decades. We must help secure and further build up our capacities in these fields. First: by working to ensure that cutting-edge knowledge is quickly and efficiently transformed into innovative and marketable products. And second: by helping ensure that our country's educational system - in particular our universities and technical colleges - continues to attract young people to technical fields and keeps them state-of-the-art.
In short, we are committed to generating support for future-oriented technologies in politics and in society. Our aim is to continually improve the climate for innovation in Germany - and the educational system that breeds, nurtures and sustains such innovation.

What kind of activities does this involve?

The VDE works on a number of levels to pursue its aims. These range from running five scientific organizations and organizing international technical symposia and conferences, to operating an internationally renowned testing and certification institute for electrotechnical products, components and systems.
We'd like to summarize these activities briefly on the following pages. If you’d like further details on any section, just click the associated link.

Let's start off with the technical and scientific societies that serve as our channels to Germany’s scientific and professional communities as well as the general public:


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city: Frankfurt



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