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The power of the sun is our answer to the question of the energy supply for our planet earth. KPV pursues the objective of using the best performing photovoltaic modules and
high-yield photovoltaic power plants to make a global contribution to reversing climate change and safeguarding the supply of electricity in a sustainable manner.

Planning and development

KPV plans and develops large PV power plant projects for investors. This includes carrying out the initial economic feasibility forecasts, finding a suitable location, securing title to the land (including obtaining all necessary permits) and taking care of all feed-in contracts with energy utilities.  A team of experienced technicians develops all required designs in detail. When planning any project, general regional requirements, individual requirements, and local climatic conditions are all taken into account. The result is always a highperformance photovoltaic power plant with the shortest possible period of amortisation and an attractive return on investment.

Project implementation

Under the leadership and quality control of KPV as an experienced general contractor, the PV power plant can be constructed in the shortest possible time, including all safety equipment, and with the coordinated cooperation of carefully selected regional subcontractors. Upon conclusion of all necessary insurance contracts and after successful technical acceptance test, the plant is connected to the grid and produces at full power.

Plant monitoring

During the entire period of operation and use, KPV checks all functions of the photovoltaic power plant and documents its performance on an ongoing basis. These seamless online diagnostics, in cooperation with our on-site specialists, ensure trouble-free, yield-optimised operation, and effectively prevent unpleasant surprises.


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Solar modules
-Planning and development.
-Project implementation.
-Plant monitoring.