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Quality Austria is the leading Austrian interlocutor for trade and industry and society in terms of all the issues relating to integrated management systems on the basis of quality, environmental, safety and OH&S (occupational health and safety) management as well as of the topic of business quality.

Quality Austria forms the central national network node for customers, knowledge developers, knowledge bearers, consultants and technical experts in the following service areas:

  • certification, assessment, evaluation, verification and validation
  • training and personnel certification;
  • knowledge transfer

Thanks to a structured innovation process, Quality Austria secures the sustainability, competitiveness and high quality of the range of services.

On a national scale, Quality Austria promotes the further development of organizations participating in the Austrian Quality Award to top performance.

Large-scale international anchoring with a well-founded range of services and active collaboration in bodies help Quality Austria to win international recognition and make an important Austrian contribution to developing international standards.

Quality Austria decisively contributes to the further development of the topics of integrated management systems and business quality in society and trade and industry.

The independence of Quality Austria is significantly guaranteed by its success on the market. Earnings will be re-invested according to the non-profit character of the owners.



Quality Austria is accredited for certification for people, managementsystems and products.

The second and the last stage (for the time being) towards fusion: OQS/OVQ Sales and Marketing Ltd. is renamed Quality Austria Training, Certification and Evaluation Ltd.

On 23 March 2004 at a joint board meeting, all four organizations agree upon the following share ownership of Quality Austria as signed by the Presidents and duly notarized: OQS 59%, OVQ 30%, OQA 8% und AFQM 3%.

Start of the gradual merger of OQS Certification and Evaluation Ltd. and OVQ Training & Certification Ltd.

In the first stage, the international operations, sales and marketing of OQS Certification and Evaluation Ltd. and OVQ Training and Certification Ltd. are brought together in OQS/OVQ Sales and Marketing Ltd.






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