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CQS (Certifed Quality Systems) Ltd is an organisation specialising in ISO 9001,  ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO27001 assessment and certification.

Our team of vastly experienced businessmen take a practical down to earth approach ensuring certification is achieved simply and efficiently. We have issued certificates in many countries.

Our clients are varied, involved in all types of business activities including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, I.T., Distribution and other Services.

Our mission is to provide businesses with a professional, affordable service to a realistic timescale in order to aid them in their certification needs.

We achieve this using our highly trained, experienced staff and by cutting through the jargon to delivery a practical system in plain english. We at CQS always ensure our clients are our top priority and that they are treated with professionalism and courtesy.


We are accredited by an International Organisation and are inspected regularly.


Certification Quite Simply

  • Fixed, realistic price for doing the "whole" job.
  • No hidden extras.
  • Speed of process - normally 6-8 weeks
  • "Keep It Simple" approach.
  • Management time (involvement kept to a minimum)
  • Sensible external audit fees
  • Dedicated "Advice Line"
  • "Common Sense" approach

Additional Information

  • trademark: "CQS"  / England /
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