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A name you can trust.

UL is a global independent safety science company offering expertise across five key strategic businesses: Product Safety, Environment, Life & Health, University and Verification Services. Our breadth, established objectivity and proven history mean we are a symbol of trust and enable us to help provide peace of mind to all.


Our mission: Working for a safer world since 1894
The following principles drive every decision we make at UL:

  • Promoting safe living and working environments by the application of safety science and hazard-based safety engineering
  • Supporting the production and use of products which are physically and environmentally safe and to apply our efforts to prevent or reduce loss of life and property
  • Advancing safety science through research and investigation
  • Concentrating our efforts and resources on public safety in those areas where we can make valuable contributions
  • Working with integrity and a focus on quality to enhance the trust conveyed by our certification marks and services
  • Charging fair prices that allow us to meet our obligations, sustain our growth, and invest in safety science and education
  • Investing in our people and encourage our people to invest in themselves
  • Being a good example of corporate citizenship and social responsibility

Global conformity

Unparalleled breadth. Unmatched expertise:
UL's global conformity work in 2010

  • 23 billion UL Marks appeared on products
  • 66,932 manufacturers produced UL certified products
  • 89,189 product evaluations were conducted by UL
  • 595,709 follow-up services inspection visits were conducted by UL
  • 19,722 types of products were evaluated by UL
  • 103 UL inspection centers in service
  • 100 countries with UL customers
  • 2 billion consumers were reached by UL with safety messages in Asia, Europe and North America
  • 1,413 current standards for safety published by the UL family of companies (1,112 for UL; 301 for ULC)
  • 73 laboratory, testing and certification facilities in the UL family of companies
  • 7,024 employees in the UL family of companies ready to serve UL customers




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