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     * Since 1987: R & D of photovoltaics began razvitieti
     * Studies of Buried Contacts, PERL, SP technologies and thin film technology
     * January 2008: Strategic R & D on Si-photovoltaics (5 inch crust)
     * September 2009: Full-scale R & D, 35MW capacity, 6 inches (peel)
     * April 2010: Received certification (UL, CEC, IEC certificates)

     * April 2010: the first power plant in Korea (Dangjin, 1MW)
     * May 2010 announced an investment of $ 5.5 billion by 2020 in the business of photovoltaics.

Excellence in quality:

     * Strict quality control
     * World-class manufacturing
     * At the time of delivery and reliability during
     * The highest degree of professionalism

Driving technological innovation:

     * More than 30 years experience in LCD and Semiconductor Industries
     * High power and low ability to proprietary cell technology to Samsung
     * World study

Stability and reliability:

     * Long-term commitment, backed by financial strength
     * High score for customer satisfaction
     * Global presence


Country: South Korea
Province: Gyeonggi-do



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