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At the end of 1999 Q.CELLS started its production of silicon solar cells in the first half year of 2001 with only 19 employees. Now over 2000 people work for Q.CELLS. Since its founding, Q.CELLS has developed from one of the world’s largest solar cell manufacturers to a leading photovoltaics company within a few years. The extensive product portfolio ranges from solar cells, crystalline and thin-film solar modules to complete photovoltaic systems. Q.CELLS develops and produces its products at the group's head office Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany as well as in Malaysia and markets through a global network of distributors. The company’s goal is:

- To reduce the costs of photovoltaics quickly and sustainably and to make the technology competitive.

Q.CELLS demonstrates technology leadership

Having four other world records emphasises Q.CELLS’ position as a technology leader. Q.CELLS developed a new cell concept called Q.ANTUM. This technology has enabled an increase in efficiency in multicrystalline solar cells to 19.5% and more.

Through a close integration of research, development and production at their headquarters, Q.CELLS transfers research results directly into the series production and thus reduces costs of photovoltaics quickly and sustainably, to make the technology competitive.

On 25th July 2011 Q.CELLS celebrated its first solar cell made 10 years ago. On the same day its own module production of monocrystalline high performance modules started in Solar Valley Thalheim Q.PEAK in Thalheim.

The final quality inspection of all solar cells produced took place in their own module test line. Certification is via the VDE seal of quality “Quality Tested”. Q.CELLS developed the testing process together with the Association of Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology (VDE), the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) as well as another photovoltaics company, as a foundation for the certification. The testing criteria of VDE seal of approval “Quality Tested” go beyond the requirements of the known IEC standards.

Q.CELLS established “Q.CELLS long-term profit protection” as their own quality seal. All solar products of the next generation are characterised by higher degrees of efficiency and secure revenue. Q.CELLS guarantees this with technological further developments based on solar cells.

The crystalline solar modules with the seal of quality “Q.CELLS long-term profit protection" provide an innovative Anti PID Technology (APT) and are protected against hot spots thanks to their unique Hot-Spot-Protect (HSP) quality control. They are also individually coded using a laser marking method Tra.QTM and can be tracked along the entire value chain.

The thin-film modules Q.SMART from Q.CELLS not only provide PID protection, but are also equipped with an Additional Power Boost (APB); this power gain of up to 15 % is achieved with positive sorting and the so-called Light-Soaking-Effect. Those who purchase Q.SMART solar modules thus receive more performance then they pay for. Q.SMART is also suited to multiple applications thanks to its outstanding weak and sub-optimally angled light conditions. Q.CELLS summarise the advantages of the different installation options under the term 360° efficiency (TDE - Three hundred and sixty Degree Efficiency).

Solar cells

Solar cells by Q.CELLS – the proven successful product: Since the start of production in 2001, our cells are a guarantee for our success as well as our customers'. And they stay that way in a continuously changing market: high quality, reliable, successful.

We have established the 6 inch format as a standard worldwide. We continue to research innovations with potential.

Solar modules

Modules by Q.CELLS: not a new approach, but the bundling of our many years of experience. Our CIGS thin-film technology has established us as an unparalleled international leader. We are now expanding our product portfolio to include crystalline solar modules in which we install solar cells produced exclusively by us.

Therefore, Q.CELLS has one of the widest technology portfolios of any photovoltaic brand. Q.CELLS customers find the matching solution for optimal yields for every requirement. Our extensive experience from the systems business combined with our know-how from solar manufacturing have laid the ground work for making Q.CELLS one of the market leaders in the module division, with both thin-film and crystalline solar modules.


The Q.CELLS system business: we have been building large solar power plants in record time since 2009. In the same year we were able to become the largest system integrator in the world. Our expertise and core components from one single source – this makes us the most popular solutions provider in the photovoltaics industry. We hope to tap into further regional markets with this business model.



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