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Knauf is a family name. A multinational producer of building materials and construction systems. A strong characteristic of Knauf is the courage for visions, innovation and investments as well as simple decision-making processes and a wealth of ideas on the part of its personnel.

Originally a producer of conventional gypsum, Knauf produces construction materials for drywall construction, Knauf plasterboard, mineral fibre acoustic board, dry mortar with gypsum for internal plaster and cement-based external plaster and insulating materials on the basis auf glass wool an mineral wool.

Closeness to customers, the establishment of long-lasting, special customer relationships by offering first class advice and appropriate expert service for top-grade products and systems: this has been the Knauf way to market. For this purpose it is necessary to have state-of-the-art plant technology that is subject to an ongoing development process.

However, the future also lies in the hands of talented and highly motivated employees. An important aspect is the “family culture” which prevails in the company: Learn from one another, hold together, pass on knowledge, assume the role of mentor, take fast and direct paths and press for special achievements. All of these are facets of the company culture.

At Knauf the global market became reality a long time ago. Wherever the group of companies becomes established its main prerequisite is: economy in building.


The roughly 1.1 billion ton reserves of raw stone provides the individual plants with a safety margin for the future that spans the generations. Worldwide a total of 60 stone quarries and mines are in operation. In addition to this, numerous plants are supplied with synthetic gypsum which is generated when the flue gases from coal-fired power plants are desulphurised.
Knauf started to go international as early as the beginning of the Seventies of the last century and the trend has continued until today. Today Knauf produces and sells its products in all European countries.
Furthermore, there are factories located in North and South America, in the CIS states, in Turkey, in China and in Indonesia.

Isulation Materials:

Whereas in earlier times the sectors of dry construction – and here we mention plasterboard as the primary product – and gypsum plasters were the traditional areas of activity of the Group, meanwhile the insulation materials segment has developed into a further mainstay of the Group.
The foundation stone for this was laid in 1978 when a glass fibre manufacturing company in Shelbyville, USA, was taken over. Today the company bears the name Knauf Insulation USA and operates a total of four production sites in the United States.

The production of insulating materials on the basis of glass wool and mineral wool becomes more and more important. For about 30 years, the company has gained experience in the production of glass wool in North America. Within the last 5 years, Knauf has acquired 10 glass wool and mineral wool factories throughout Europe and additionally built new plants in Eastern Europe and Russia.


An essential element of our overall company policy is to ensure optimal quality for the intended purpose and ...

... to work actively to ensure the quality system and continuous improvement of the same.

Continuous improvement is a constant goal of our company. The main reason for this is a strong system of quality management.
The system of quality management that Knauf introduced in Germany meets the requirements specified in DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Knauf has a system for quality management that work well and which aims to optimize the current, as assessed by the certification office LGA InterCert.



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