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IBC SOLAR - Our Philosophy

At IBC SOLAR, people from all different backgrounds work together with our founding principles as a unifying basis.


Spreading the technology of solar power all over the world

  • to conserve an environment worth living in,
  • to improve the living conditions for mankind and
  • to protect the reserves of raw materials as well as
  • to secure a sustainable, environmentally-friendly
  • and conflict-free energy supply.

Market leadership as a supplier of ready-to-use systems and all of the individual components for producing solar electricity.


To supply our customers all over the world with state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems based on our common values, management and business principles.


  • Ethics / Moral
             Respect for mankind, the environment and nature – without exception.
  • Honesty

          Treating everyone with sincerity and integrity.

  • Quality / Safety

          Mankind and the environment, the product and its utilization -

             achieving the optimum together.

  • Responsibility

          Responsibility for the environment and the satisfaction of both staff and customers.

  • Humanity

          Social and corporate commitments are worthwhile.

  • Excellence
           Making extraordinary efforts to become an outstanding company.

Reference installations

IBC SOLAR has successfully installed countless photovoltaic installations worldwide: from small off-the-grid power installations to emergency electricity systems to huge grid-connected megawatt plants. Get acquainted with our exemplary installations in various regions of the globe. And because since 1982, more than 100,000 photovoltaic installations with more than 800 megawatts have been installed, what we present here is just a small excerpt.

On-Grid systems
Off-Grid systems
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