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As one of the world's leading manufacturers of irrigation equipment for landscape and industries in the area of ​​golf courses, Hunter enjoys a well established reputation as an innovative leader in irrigation. Company continues to focus on the needs of irrigation professional, just that we have a day.Of each founded 25 years as a small "home" industry pioneer Edwin J. Hunter.

Today, with Richard E. Hunter, son of Edwin, headed by president and CEO of the company's main objective and mission of the Hunter is clear: to be first choice of professional landscape irrigation products and services.

Headquartered in San Marcos, California, Hunter produces a full range of water-efficient products for residential and commercial use, and golf course applications, including the legendary pop-speed driven rotors, spray sprinklers, valves, controllers, central controllers and weather sensors. As innovation leaders, Hunter has more than 250 product patents and 40 trademarks, starting with the Hunter PGP ® in 1983 - the pop-up gear rotor that revolutionized the irrigation industry.

Since then, Hunter has developed over 100 innovative products that meet the needs of professional installers worldwide, including the new ACC controller, who was elected the most significant new product at the International show in 2005, Irrigation Association.

Growth and leadership in product diversification, innovation and total customer satisfaction comes from the user listen above all else - and then responds by providing a full range of the value-added products and services.

Hunter helps ensure success of all its partners from distributors to contractors end-use consumers - by providing a wide range of technical assistance programs, initiatives, education / training, and initiatives for business development. In addition, Hunter constant coordinate sessions for customer feedback, both in headquarters company and respected by industry associations and facilitators around the world. This type of communication is vital for continued success.

Products specifically designed to maximize the efficiency of the water.

To this end, Hunter has assembled products, enabling him to create a more efficient system. In fact, no other manufacturer offers as wide range of components for water saving, which covers all aspects of irrigation.



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1.) Irrigation Systems:
- Private courtyards.
- Public parks.
- Golf courses and stadiums.