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Our goal is to replace chemical pesticides with good organic alternatives, such as beneficial insects, microbial control products and traps.

More than 20 years, we began the first production of plant protection products based on baculoviruses. In those days, the use of biological controls such as the application of baculoviruses for insect pests is considered a method for use in organic production. Today it is widely recognized that the use of biological control measures, such as baculoviruses, offers a highly effective tool in IPM programs and in conjunction with conventional agriculture.

Worldwide demand for environmentally friendly and no scrap of food production is increasing. We will continue our goal to offer biokontrolirani products that are reasonable and effective alternatives to chemical pesticides.

• Andermatt Biocontrol company was founded by Dr. Martin Andermatt and Dr. Isabelle Andermatt in 1988. Since then it has developed to become the leading company in Switzerland for basic biological plant protection.
• With our own department for research and development we continuously improve our products and processes, know-how and this is due to our innovations that have undergone continuous improvements to product.
• The key expertise Andermatt Biocontrol AG is the production of baculoviruses and entomopathogenic nematodes, and beneficial insects in greenhouses and storage products.
• Currently, Andermatt Biocontrol AG has more than 55 staff: research and development, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and administration.
Worldwide, we market our own products, plus selected high-quality merchandise through more than 80 distributors.

Today Andermatt Biocontrol is a leading company in producing Baculovirus wordwide.

• Our quality standards and our perpetual focus on customer satisfaction means that for many years, we have been able to deliver products of high quality expected from a Swiss company.


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1.Our export product range consists of:
biopesticides based on baculoviruses
insect trap
Insect-parasitic nematodes
beneficial insects,
botanicals (pyrethrum, Quassia)