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Wheatgrass mint powder

Wheatgrass *, spirulina *, mint*. (* Organic ingredient )

Fruit & Berries mix powder

Aronia *, * lucuma, camu camu *.(* Organic ingredient)

Cacao powder

Raw cocoa *, strawberries *, * maca. (* organic ingredient)

Hemp protein powder

This powder contains 50% pure green hemp protein, acai, wheatgrass and spirulina...

Hemp powder

The hemp protein is a clean product with no additives.

Acai powder

Acai is a real vitamin bomb, full of antioxidants and lots of fiber.

Lucuma powder

Lucuma is a super food also called inca gold and use instead go sugar...


Wheatgrass in water or juice, or mix in a smoothie with fruit and berries.

Camu Camu powder

Camu Camu gives an energy, a fruit packed with vitamin C.

Mesquite trees powder

Mesquite comes from the vine-ripened seedpods which is ground down to powder.

Maca powder

Raw Maca contains 55 different nutrients including rich B-, C-, and E-vitamins, iron and kalicum.

Baobab fruity powder

Baobab is a sweet-sour super fruit from the Baobab trees in Africa.

Raw Cacao Powder

Cocoa powder from raw beans that have never been heated. Without any additives.