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This highest quality white chocolate that tastes like roses-handmade.


This highest quality milk chocolate that tastes like roses-handmade.


This highest quality dark chocolate that tastes like roses-handmade.

White Chocolate-cranberries

Cranberries tastes best when you dip them in orange chocolate.

Raw Chocolate

Handmade & delicious Raw Chocolate in handmade small boxes...

Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds

The pumpkin seeds contains a lot of high beneficial substances, vitamins, antioxidants, beta-carotene and fatty acids.

Chocolate IncaBerries

Golden incaberries is dried physalis and got its name after the Incas...

Chocolate GojiBerries

Goji berries are a super berry that grows mainly in Asia.

Dark Chocolate pieces

Make a real hot chocolate to the outing, own chocolate sauce for ice cream or put them in the muesli.

Balls Chocolate

Choco Raw Energy Balls

Bar Chocolate

Raw Energy Bars

Chocolate Orange

Organic Raw 70% Cacao rich dark chocolate with the orange touch. Sensuously good ...

Chocolate with Hemp Seeds

Organic Raw Chocolate 60% Cacao chocolate with smooth taste of hulled hemp seeds. Incredibly creamy!

Chocolate with Raw Cashews

Organic Raw Chocolate 52% Cacao chocolate with truly raw cashew and fruity lucuma. Simply delicious!

Chocolate Nuts & Cherries

Organic Raw Chocolate 60% Cacao with pieces of nuts and luxurious cherries. Irresistibly tempting ...

Chocolate 80%Cacao

Organic Raw Chocolate;Rich dark energizing chocolate with dash of natural vanilla. Surprisingly mild and unforgettable taste!

Chocolate with hemp ( 70%-cocoa) "Renee Voltaire"

Dark chocolate contains 70% cocoa and is full of crunchy seeds good hemp.