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The decalcifier can be used regularly to remove calcifications from washing machines, dishwashers, coffeemakers, and pots.

Bathroom cleaner

Removes quickly and effectively calcifications in shower cabins, bathroom and kitchen.

Clear rince

Used in the dishwashing machine to prevent lime residues on your dishes and glasses.

Water softener

Depending on the hardness of the water main to DETERGENTS add the required amount of softener.

Detergent for washing dishes - universal

Extremely economical detergent for manual dishwashing, which is not affected by water hardness.

Hand soap

Soft, hand soap available from vegetable oils, no colorants or fragrances, no fillers, no complexing and without bleach substances.

Surface disinfectant

For disinfection of work surfaces and work tools.

Multi surface and glass cleaner

Cleans all glass surfaces thoroughly and without streaking; effectively removes insects from car windscreens.

Toilet cleaner

Contains coniferous tree oils and citronella oil.

Scouring powder

An effective, very economic cleaning agent for toilets, wash basins, cookers, burnt-on cooking pots, sooty oven plates etc.

Scouring fluid

Particularly suitable for cleaning fixtures, sinks, ceramic hob and stainless steel surfaces.

Orange power cleaner

Suitable for all waterproof surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and workshop.

All-purpose cleaner

A gentle, concentrated all-purpose cleaner for use on floors, in bath-rooms, kitchens, workrooms and cars.

Regenerating salt

Used for the ion exchanger which is necessary to prevent the development of lime scale.

Dishwasher detergent

Free from enzymes, phosphates and aggressive bleaching agents, yet cleans even stubborn dirt with exceptional ease.

Tablets for dishwashers

The primary active ingredients of SONETT-TABLETS for dishwashers are soda, silicates and sulfated castor oil.

Detergent for dishwashing

Extremely economical concentrate for manual dishwashing.

Olive washing liquid for wool and silk neutral

For washing machine and hand laundry, up to 40°C (100° F)

Starch spray and ironing aid

Strengthens, smoothes and cares for all textiles made from cotton, linen, hemp and fabric blends

Washing liquid neutral

Suitable for washing of all types of cotton, linen, hemp and mixed fabrics.

Liquid gall soap

A well tried liquid agent effective against stains caused by grease, fruit, grass, ballpoint pens, blood etc.

Gall soap

Soap to remove stains. Tested means of spots of fat, fruit, grass, ink, blood, etc.

Bleach complex - modular system

Can be added regularly to the white laundry. Very good for removing spots and stains from colourfast fabrics.

Laundry rinse

This laundry rinse helps to rinse out remaining soap, smoothes fibres and brightens up the colours.