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Bmw "ActiveHybrid X6"

BMW ActiveHybrid technology intelligently manages vehicle energy. xDrive system.

Bmw "ActiveHybrid 7"

BMW ActiveHybrid technology intelligently manages vehicle energy.


It is time for a new mobility concept: the revolutionary new Opel Ampera.-travel 40-80 kilometers on battery power alone – zero emissions.

Cadillac "ESCALADE"

Escalade Hybrid SUV utilizes two types of power: energy created by the gas engine and electricity generated by electric motors.

Fisker "KARMA"

The first true plug-in hybrid electric luxury vehicle with extended range....

AS - Series [180-195 Wp]-monocrystalline

-High-power module using 6“monocrystalline solar cells; -48 solar cells connected in series

AS - Series [180-195 Wp]-multicrystalline

-High-power module using 6“ multicrystalline solar cells;

Solar Module "Samsung"

* Cells of the module - 60 * mono-crystalline cells. * Weight - 18.6 kg.

Laptop "Samsung"

The most impressive feature of this netbook to be the battery life ....

Solar "Guru" Samsung

samsung India launched its first solar powered mobile phone ....

Blue Earth "Samsung"

Samsung Blue Earth is made from recycled plastic and has a solar panel.

Rock mineral wool - KR DP-9 LAM

INSULATION of: - External walls in contact facade system...

Rock mineral wool - KR FAS

INSULATION: - the external walls of the contact walls...

Rock mineral wool - KR PVF

INSULATION: - the external walls of ventilated facades

Rock mineral wool - KR P

INSULATION of: prefabricated home / partition walls, metal structures .......

Rock mineral wool - KR L

Bricks bricks "sandwich" exterior walls in a system of fully ventilated facades up to 12m ...

Rock mineral wool - KR SK

INSULATION of: roofs, ceilings, attics, parts of structures (internal / hidden)., Systems suspended ceilings.

Rock mineral wool - KR S

NSULATION of: roofs, ceilings, attics, parts of buildings (insulation is not entirely internal).

Peugeot iOn - electric

Electric cars produce no emissions and autonomy of the iOn can reach 150 km .....