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Wood design reel

Reused Design reel made by yellow certified paint.

Forest pine

Pine honey or even pine jam made ​​from green pine cones or tips.

Forest blueberries

Homemade jam with forest blueberries...

Forest raspberries

Raspberries contain calcium, vitamins A, C, E, fiber and folic acid.

Forest blackberries

Homemade jam with forest blackberries....

Forest strawberries

Homemade jam with forest strawberries.

Toilet Paper-eco 9

For the first time in biodegradable packaging and benefits derived from recycling paper. In a innovative package of 9 rolls.

Toilet Paper-eco 4

ECO 4-- 4 ply, recycled paper with 80% white with good density


Collection, recycling and recovery of packaging waste from households, commercial establishments and industry;

Bulgarian organic products - certificate

Control and certification of organic production of agricultural products and foodstuffs ...

Balkan Biocert - certificate

Control and certification of organic production ...

Authentic Bulgaria - certificate

Brand quality tourist ......

Bacillus Turingienzis - (insecticide)

It is used mainly against caterpillars of the apple moth, white American butterfly....

Mountain hiking

We offer light and medium-difficult transitions with transportation provided to the starting point and an experienced guide.

Moto-delta glider

With Delta planner above bio hotel "Moravian village."


Moravian Village offers outdoor paintball.

Mountain biking

Conditions around the "Moravian village" are ideal for mountain biking.


Struma River is the most balanced river and is adjacent to the Bio Hotel Moravian village.

Horse Riding

Our gentle horses give happiness to enthusiastic beginners, experienced riders and to the little friends of the hotel also.


Bio Hotel in Moravian village has outdoor mini football.

Organic Farmer activities

The "Moravian village" have the opportunity to become familiar with everyday activities for a bio-farm.


"Moravian village" - bio-hotel, there are two pools, (larger and smaller) with trout, carp and others.


Moravian Village - Bio Hotel One of the best courses is exactly 5 km. from the Moravian village.

Eco Menu - "Bio hotel"

To eat clean, tasty food is not capricious, and cherishing human rights - Moravian village.