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Crackers Wild Garlic

Organic Raw Wild Garlic Flax Crackers

Crackers Carrot

Organic Raw Carrot Crackers

Crackers Tomatoes

Organic Raw Spicy Flax Crackers with Tomatoes and Chilli....

Crackers Onion

Organic Raw Pumpkin Onion Flax Crackers

Crackers Garlic

Organic Raw Garlic Marjoram Flax Crackers

Crackers Pizza

Organic Raw Bite-sized Pizza Crackers

Pitta Bread Tomato

Organic RAW Tomato Pitta Bread

Crispbread Rosemary

Organic RAW Rosemary Crispbread

Crispbread italian

Organic RAW Italian Crispbread

Cookies Chocolate

Organic Raw Chocolate Cookies w/ Cashew Cream

Cookies Chai Orange

Organic Raw Chai Orange Cookies

Cookies Lemon Vanilla

Organic Raw Lemon Vanilla Cookies....

Balls Brazil Mix

Sweet Raw Energy Balls

Balls Cashew

Sweet Raw Energy Balls

Balls Chocolate

Choco Raw Energy Balls

Balls Coconut & Raisin

Sweet Raw Energy Balls

Bar Chocolate

Raw Energy Bars

Bar Fig

Raw Energy Bars

Bar Cherry

Raw Energy Bars

Chocolate Orange

Organic Raw 70% Cacao rich dark chocolate with the orange touch. Sensuously good ...

Chocolate with Hemp Seeds

Organic Raw Chocolate 60% Cacao chocolate with smooth taste of hulled hemp seeds. Incredibly creamy!

Chocolate with Raw Cashews

Organic Raw Chocolate 52% Cacao chocolate with truly raw cashew and fruity lucuma. Simply delicious!

Chocolate Nuts & Cherries

Organic Raw Chocolate 60% Cacao with pieces of nuts and luxurious cherries. Irresistibly tempting ...

Chocolate 80%Cacao

Organic Raw Chocolate;Rich dark energizing chocolate with dash of natural vanilla. Surprisingly mild and unforgettable taste!