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Hemp seeds

Shelled hemp seeds* (* Organic ingredient)

Rice mix protein

Made of brown rice, elderberry, açai and blackberries.


Buckwheat crunch contains the superberries, nutritious quinoa and have a sweet taste of cinnamon.


A berry combination of raspberries, raisins, and acai.


Buckwheat crunch and eat it with milk of almonds, pieces of apples and roasted coconut.


the unique product Buckwheat crunch with raspberry becomes the result.

Muesli mix

A sweet and good muesli mix with taste of mulberries and cinnamon.

Goji Porridge

Porridge with five different flakes; oats, barley, rye, spelt and wheat with flax seeds, goji berries and raisins.


Hazelnuts and raisins make this muesli even tastier.


Crunchy Granola Pecan, Apple & Cardamon


A lovely combination of 15 different fruits, seeds, nuts and fiber rich cereals.

Buckwheat Porridge

Buckwheat porridge apples and mulberries. Wheat-free, vegan and packed with nutrients.


Buckwheat Crunch Chocolate Mania contains both Raw Cacao and Nibs.

Raw Cacao Nibs

Pieces of the raw cacao bean - never heated and without any additives!

Pearl barley-Hordeum 500g

Pearl barley - packaged in a protective atmosphere

Pearl barley-Farrisum 500g

Exclusive use of farro "T.dicoccum"

Lentils 500 g

Lentils biological; Percentage of organic ingredients : 100%

Spelt - broken 500 g

Exclusive use of farro "T.dicoccum"


Organic Raw Cacao Beans contain incredible amounts of chemically identifiable substances....

Sprouts Sunflower

Organic Hot Chilli Sunflower Sprouts

Sprouts Sunflower

Organic Provençale Sunflower Sprouts;Sundried Tomato;

Nuts Cashews

Savoury Nuts; Organic Raw Indian Cashews

Nuts Almonds

Savoury Nuts; Organic Raw Teriyaki Almonds


Organic apricots are naturally brown because they are not sulphurised.