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Evaluation and Licensing:

Quality Mark will show visitors that the objects that own it can rely on professionalism and quality service.
Visitors will know that the object that owns the brand for quality, no matter what its category - large or small family hotel, guest house etc. - Has undergone an independent evaluation process and earned the right to wear a quality brand.
Quality Mark "Authentic Bulgaria" should reflect what is most important for paying customers, but at the same time, this system plays a crucial role in improving efektivnostta business. When hotel owners, get quality brand will have the opportunity to benefit from systems that maintain brand to improve the quality of their services. Solid evaluation process and ongoing customer feedback include all aspects of business, from service to facilities and equipment, from design and atmosphere to marketing and business planning. They will ensure that the facility meets all requirements of the visitors of professionalism, safety, cleanliness and convenience.
Good, Better, Excellent ...
Bronze, silver and gold ratings of Quality Mark provide visitors additional features.
There are four areas that visitors seeking an authentic Bulgarian experience considered most important. These are kitchen design and atmosphere, entertainment, hospitality. Sites that provide exceptional quality in any of these four areas may receive honors in their field.

Requirements for participation in the program:

Hotels and guest houses must meet the following conditions:
• To have between 4 and 50 rooms.
• To serve food.
• To be categorized and have at least one star.
• Work at least six (6) months of the year.

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