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Agricultural Products Certification and Supervision Organization, under the distinctive title AGROCERT is a Private Law Legal Entity operating for the public benefit under the supervision of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food (L. 2637/98). 

It is an established body responsible for the implementation of national policy on quality in agriculture.


The main competences of AGROCERT are as follows:

  • Certification of agricultural production systems
  • Certification of agricultural products
  • Evaluation, approval and supervision of Control and Certification private bodies, accredited by the National Accreditation System.
  • Preparation and publication of optional sectoral standards and development of specifications towards quality assurance of agricultural products.

  1. Integrated Management in Agricultural Production
  2. Organic Agriculture
  3. PDO, PGI, Traditional Specialty Guaranteed Agricultural Products
  4. Quality Assurance of Pork Meat
  5. Special Poultry Farming
  6. Quality Assurance of Bovine Meat
  7. Quality Assurance of Aquaculture Products
  8. ISO - HACCP

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