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> Renewable Energy: Make a Solar Cooker


A one-year field test in South Africa revealed that using a solar stove, an average family can save 30 litres of kerosene, 30 kg of LPG and about 1 tonne of firewood per year, which comes to an estimated 1 tonne of carbon dioxide reduction annually.

> Green Power: Wind as a non-polluting source of energy


'Green electricity' is power produced from sources that do not harm the environment. Green power production technologies are those that that clearly reduce the harmful environmental impacts of energy generation. They generally make use of renewable sources like wind, water, sun and biomass.

> Green Cars at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show


This is your guide to the most important green cars that are likely to be coming your way over the next few months and years, all of which are being showcased at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

We’re talking about zero-tailpipe emission sports cars, plug-in hybrid Range Rovers, and even an electric Rolls-Royce; yes, we’ve moved from green city cars to green cars in all shapes and sizes.

> How to recycle different materials?


UK households produced 30.5 million tonnes of waste in 2003/04, of which 17% was collected for recycling (source: This figure is still quite low compared to some of our neighbouring EU countries, some recycling over 50% of their waste. There is still a great deal of waste which could be recycled that ends up in landfill sites which is harmful to the environment.

> So Your Teenager is Going Veggie


So your little darling has emerged into the rollicking years of adolescence. The hormones are raging, piercings and odd haircuts materialize, and her ears are forever glued to a cell phone or an iPod. For better and for worse, your teenager is beginning to become an autonomous, freethinking individual.