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> Control insects without chemicals


It’s remarkable that ants can carry 50 times their body weight, that there are 34,000 species of spiders in the world and that a mosquito flaps it’s wings 500 times per second. Impressive indeed. But we tend to lose appreciation for the wonders of nature when it’s buzzing annoyingly around our ears or showing up unexpectedly in the house or on the patio.


> What impact have organic foods?


1.) Bio products are of higher quality than other foods and beverages.

2.) Organic food and beverages have a different flavor than other products. There is no definitive answer.

3.) Organic products are more expensive than others.

> Giraffe Street Lamp


> Which are the most green technology companies in the world?


In the seventeenth edition of the Guide to Green Electronics, which is issued by the NGO Greenpeace, a leading U.S. corporation Hewlett-Packard 5.9 out of 10 possible points.Rankings Greenpeace ranked the world's 15 leading producers of computers, phones and TVs based on their practices for the use of toxic chemicals, recycling and measures against climate change.

> The most toxic Christmas gifts


Researchers drew up a list of five most toxic gifts. Firstly, perfumes are. They contain more than 20 cancer-causing chemicals that are absorbed by the skin and increase the risk of developing the disease. Flavors are relatively harmless, containing all essential oils........................