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> Green Roofs

We know green roofs reduce cooling bills in the summer—but what about winter?

When you think green roofs, do you think summertime savings? Lower cooling costs are generally what people associate with green roofs, but did you know that the insulating qualities of green roofs are also great for winter homes? It’s true: adding a green roof to your green house plans—whether you live in a single family home or a multi-family dwelling—will likely have a positive impact on your heating bills.

> Modern Take on Traditional Food Storage


One of our most popular design posts of the year was this radically traditional kitchen idea from Jihyun Ryou. Though not intended to be viewed as art, these designs are beautiful and lead us to think critically about our own lifestyle.

> Green Your Yard With Less Water.


Did you know that inside your home could be five times more polluted than outside? So, don't just let your yard sit there like a pretty picture while you spend summer inside watching Adam Sandler movies. Your yard can (and should!) transform your home in many ways. Yards improve our quality of life—they're a place for spending time outdoors and breathing fresh air; they can bring an array of beautiful birds and wildlife; and a yard can boost your property value. But, grassy lawns can use far too much fresh water. Read on for tips on greening your lawn with less water.

> Reduce Holiday Food Waste with 10 Simple Steps


The holidays are a time of bounty at the table. But they are also the time for the highest amount of wasted food for us already wasteful Americans. According to the National Resources Defense Council, food waste in the U.S. is estimated at about 40 percent, up from roughly half of that in the 1970s. Waste occurs at every level of the food supply chain and can thus be mitigated at a variety of levels. There are many simple ways to help reduce food waste during the holiday season....

> Logitech Creates Wireless Solar-Powered Keyboard for Macs


Logitech became famous for creating the world’s first solar PC keyboard last year, but now Apple fans will also be able to surf the net with the same green vigor with the newly unveiled Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. Like the PC version, the solar keyboard can be powered by both indoor and outdoor light, and can be used in total darkness, after a full charge, for three months.