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MEPs give clear signal for greater climate ambition


Brussels, Belgium: This morning, the European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committee adopted its own initiative report on the European Commission's Energy Roadmap 2050 (1).

Commenting on the outcomes of today’s vote, Jason Anderson, Head of the WWF European Policy Office Climate and Energy Unit said:

Photovoltaics Beat Biofuels


Photovoltaics Beat Biofuels at Converting Sun's Energy to Miles Driven

In 2005, President George W. Bush and American corn farmers saw corn ethanol as a promising fossil fuel substitute that would reduce both American dependence on foreign oil and greenhouse gas emissions. Accordingly, the 2005 energy bill mandated that 4 billion gallons of renewable fuel be added to the gasoline supply in 2006.

That rose to 4.7 billion gallons in 2007 and 7.5 billion in 2012.

New food waste removal laws in America


A new law has been passed in America called the Food Safety Modernization Act, which is intended to prevent the tragedies associated with food contamination.
Indeed, the law has been in discussion for a long time, but last week on January 4th 2013, President Barack Obama finally signed the legislation which gives the Food and Drug Administration more power.


The Future Greenest City


I believe that if you want to know the future, create it. This is exactly what Vancouver, British Columbia is doing. With a bold future oriented vision to become the greenest city in the world by 2020, the city is already well on the way to accomplishing its goal. According to the city website, Vancouver currently has “the smallest carbon footprint of any major city in North America and we’re a leader in green building, planning and technology.” Impressive.

Indian company Wipro is the first place in Greenpeace "green electronics"


Electronics companies yet to eliminate dirty energy from their supply chain and manage e-waste effectively.
World's biggest
manufacturers of electronic equipment to phase out the use of dirty energy production and supplies, said this year's edition of the "Green Electronics" Greenpeace.