Product types


Recharge Pod;


The idea of wind charger obviously has proved to be good and 2008 year Orange decided to develop it.

Mobile Wind Charger;


The charger in the form of these is created by the mobile operator Orange and the University of Texas in 2007. The device weighs 150 grams and it is secured to pitches - the benchmark home of the "Glastonbury".

Green & Brilliant eco-resorts"EcoCamp";


At the edge of the world lies an adventure. Stay in an eco-friendly geodesic dome in the heart of Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park, and take part in cycling and kayak treks, hikes and wildlife trips with friendly guides. The domes were inspired by the area’s ancient nomadic inhabitants. Features include panoramic windows, terraces, low-emission stoves and electricity from renewable sources. Bonus: EcoCamp offsets all of its carbon emissions.

Green & Brilliant eco-resorts "King Pacific Lodge";


In the heart of British Columbia’s beautiful and ecologically significant Great Bear Rainforest lies this extravagant fly-in floating lodge. Not only did King Pacific Lodge play a pivotal role in protecting this rainforest, but it also offsets its carbon footprint and that of its guests’ air travel. The lodge also continues to steward the rainforest in partnership with the Gitga’at First Nation. We love it! Enjoy unlimited eco-adventures, ranging from guided fly-fishing trips to wilderness kayaking to whale watching tours.

Green & Brilliant eco-resorts "Lapa Rios, Costa Rica";


If staying in a secluded bungalow in a rainforest appeals to your sense of adventure, then the Lapa Rios Ecolodge & Wildlife Reserve is for you. Set on 1,000 acres of protected rainforest in the ecotourist hub of Costa Rica, the lodge has an impressive five-leaf certification score from the country’s rigorous Certification for Sustainable Tourism program. Enjoy the upscale accommodations, gourmet food and impeccable service – and prepare to be wowed by the wildlife on this private reserve.