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SunEnergy Europe GmbH (LLC) was founded in 2001 by Dr. Hartwig Westphalen only a handful of close friends. Since then, the company has grown rapidly across Europe, the introduction of French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Greek, Bulgarian and Turkish markets. Located in the heart of the northern city of Hamburg, Germany, SunEnergy Europe, today employing over 30 employees and strengthen its ability to carry larger and larger projects and to expand into emerging markets like India, Israel and North America.

With the sun as an inexhaustible source of energy, which we have set a goal to significantly increase the presence of photovoltaics as an energy source. This will enable us to determine the course of providing power in the future - sustainable growth opportunity in generations. We are prepared for the future: with innovative technology, individual solar energy solutions, quality products and first class service.

Together with partners we will develop regional and international markets.

"We believe that solar energy pushes in a different way of interacting with the environment, climate and our future"


Country: Germany
City: Hamburg



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1.) Company offers:
- Solar panels
- Power transformers
- installation
- consultations
- monitoring