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Climate and environmental protection are the global challenges of our time. More and more people want an investment that is committed to sustainable values ​​and protect our environment. A monetary system that relies on transparency, responsibility and the careful use of natural resources.

Our many years of experience clearly shows that short-term profit maximization at the expense of environmental and social evidence of economic failure. Who benefits from an economy that deprives itself of the foundation of their future success? A successful long-term economics, however, is building a balanced balance between economic, social and environmental parameters.

Sustainable companies have lower production costs because they use resource-processing methods.They are less affected by fluctuating commodity prices. New environmental laws, which can lead to enormous costs elsewhere are, for such companies no unmanageable risk dar. Satisfied workers and high social standards play a key role to minimize high product quality and downtime costs. Sustainable enterprises and products enjoy an increasing social acceptance. This leads to a growing demand, improved pricing and thus to secure profits - and sustained growth potential.
With this in mind Murphy & Spitz has developed a holistic, sustainable finance and investment strategy, profitability and ethics into harmony. We invest only in companies consistently sustainable industries that have recognized the potential of renewable resources and forward-looking environmental technologies. With this system concept we differ qualitatively from other investment providers who follow a best-in-class approach and invest in sustainable companies in traditional industries.

Sustainable management means also to take over responsibility. Responsibility for other people in a globalized world, do not live in the neighborhood. Responsibility for children and grandchildren, whose future life circumstances, we must take into account in our present actions. Therefore places great emphasis on Murphy & Spitz Investments, which do not generate their profits at the expense of people and the environment.


Our customers benefit from a very lean and cost-efficient corporate structure. Both the Murphy & Spitz Fund Germany and the world as well as the Murphy & Spitz Green Energy and Murphy & Spitz Green Capital without additional staff, office space and managing the team of Murphy & Spitz led Environmental Consult. Thus, we avoid additional charges and fees.




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