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"KOBE, INTERIOR DESIGN" a worldwide brand of Kobefab International BV, OFFERS a broad collection of curtain and upholstery fabrics. All our employees have a unique passion for fabrics and wall coverings and consider the innovation and the development of high-quality products of paramount importance.

For more than 35 years we have been playing an important role in the interior design and lifestyle sector. The company has a solid European base with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Turkey and the UK. Our products are distributed, used by professionals and end users and are greatly appreciated in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Established in 1976, Kobe is one of the most successful interior fashion houses in the higher market sector with a head office and warehouses in Valkenswaard, in the south part of the Netherlands. More than 150 employees throughout Europe contribute daily to the success of our contemporary brands for interior fabrics, Kobe and Villa! Our worldwide market approach is to focus on the consumer market and end users in the project market. Top home and interior designers use the Kobe and Villa brands!

We owe our reputation to our creative passion with which we design distinctive interiors and fashion, our dedication to guaranteeing top quality in all our activities and our ambition to continuously strengthen the relationships with our partners based on service, support and cooperation.

Kobe is strongly linked to its partners. We share the passion to create modern interior design and foster these collaborations and relationships. We believe in sharing knowledge and experience and rely on the collaborative strength in our path towards a mutually successful future.


‘The ambition of the Kobe Design Team: surprise, entice, inspire and innovate’.


Kobe is an authentic Dutch interior fashion brand with a modern character and a unique personality, developed with care by our own Kobe Design Studio at our head office in Valkenswaard. Creative passion is the driving force of the Kobe Design Team during the design process. Fashion and interior design trends are spotted and combined with traditional themes, which together form the most important sources for inspiration. Colour and design first take shape. Afterwards we look for original threads and production techniques. We manufacture a fabric that meets the high standards of quality, performance, durability and relevance. When these conditions are met, a new Kobe interior fabric is born, a fabric with the distinctive Kobe character.


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