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"KNAUF" insulation (Serbia)

Aspart of the Knauf Group, Knauf Insulation is one of the most respected andprogressive names in the world of insulation. With manufacturing operations inEurope, Russia, Great Britain and America, the annual sales revenueexceeds 1,5 billion euros.

KnaufInsulation has almost 40 plants, mainly in Europe,with more than 5.000 employees.

Thiscompany is a manufacturer of insulation materials with the fastest currentdevelopment and the largest investments in this field in the world, with a widerange of products that can meet the growing demand for energy efficiency and acousticprotection in new and existing residential buildings, business buildings andindustrial plants. These products include rock mineral wool, glass mineral wool, extrudedpolystyrene (styrodur) and expanded polystyrene (styrofoam) available on themarket under the trademarks Knauf Rock®, NOBASIL®, Rocksilk®, Thermolan®,Crown®, Polyfoam®, KnaufTherm®, Tervol®, Heralan®.

Knauf Insulation is committed to sustainable development and conservation of the environment, manufacturing its productsfrom recyclable materials.

Keep the peace and tranquility in your home because our mineral wool has a high absorption of sound energy, enabling you and your loved ones to dwell with delight a true oasis of tranquility.

Take care of your budget, because the houses are insulated with mineral wool "Knauf Insulation", are pleasantly cool in summer and warm in winter. That's not all: the low thermal conductivity of our material makes it possible to save 30% energy, significantly reduce costs for heating or cooling, a budget you can reallocate to other uses.

Protect your home:
On-fire, because one of the main features of our wool is flame-retardant (melting point of e mineral wool over 1000 degrees!)
-Weather conditions, because it contains water-resistant and durable fiber.

Improves quality of life, because the use of our products make sure you choose environmentally friendly material.
Allows walls to breathe because it has excellent permeability and provides excellent indoor air insulated with our wool.

In May 2005. Knauf Insulationkupi factory stone wool in Surdulica, Vunizol. The factory was founded in 1974. and almost from its opening produces stone mineral vata.S arrival of Knauf Insulationse change many things:

     * Production volume increases several times
     * The labor force is younger and optimized
     * Introduced the world's production standards

In September 2007. opened a new production line for stone wool in Surdulica. The investment of € 17 million is used for:

     * A complete reconstruction of the factory
     * Introducing the most advanced technology for the production of wool (pendulum system)
     * Increase production capacity of the factory of 20,000 items of 44.000 items rock mineral wool annually
     * Construction of modern environmental equipment for waste water and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Knauf Insulation today one of the most successful companies in southern Serbia.


country: Serbia
city: Belgrade


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1.) Company offers:
  - Rock mineral wool
  - Glass wool
  - Technical insulation

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