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Established in 1986, in the suburbs of Toronto, Heys® International Ltd. has since become a global leader in luggage design and is synonymous with luxurious, fashionable lightweight luggage with high standard for excellence in workmanship and quality.

>1986 - Proudly Canadian, Heys was founded in Toronto, Canada.

>1993 - Incorporation - Heys International Ltd incorporates with new logo to solidify its growth.

>2002 - The Evolution - the iconic Heys logo designed by Fariha Sheikh, would later become our world famous insignia.

>2003 - Ahead of Our Time - the creation of the xcase® - the world's lightest carry-on - 5 years before baggage fees were first introduced.

>2005 - Ingenious Design - the Patented FlyLite design was the world's lightest HYBRID luggage

>2006 - A Passion for Fashion - Heys was instrumental in transforming luggage into a fashion accessory item, with one-of-a-kind luggage designs.

>2008 - Bad Baggage Fees - prompted the invention of the world's first portable luggage scale - xScale® 

>2009 - Form Follows Function - the launch of the new hybrid Spinner luggage allows for soft side pockets in a lightweight - frameless design with 4 wheels.

>2010 - Achtung ! - Launch of our German engineered ELITE SERIES, brings luggage design to a new level.

>2011 - Heys Celebrates its 25th Anniversary with design contests, prizing and a national 'Thank You' campaign.


country: Canada
city: Toronto



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1.) Company offers:

Luggage-ECO friendly;
- Bags-ECO friendly;

  Made From 100%
Recycled Water Bottles.