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Welcome to HARO Sports, the flooring company that has totally reinvented hardwood sports floor technology. Solving many of the problems that have plagued conventional hardwood sports flooring, HARO portable and permanent floors offer a fast and easy installation, exceptional life span, greater safety for athletes, superior quality and a perfect appearance. With almost 50 years of experience in the field of sports floors, we are proud to be among the first who set quality standards on both the German and international markets. Developed in co-operation with the renowned technical University of Rosenheim, Germany, HARO Sports floors enjoy a flexible, multi-layer construction that all but eliminates common problems associated with conventional hardwood floors like swelling, shrinking, gaps and cracks.

Yet thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians used the swelling of wood to their advantage, when they quarried huge granite blocks (called Obelisks) from mountains by drilling holes with a hand auger and then hammering dry hardwood pegs into these holes. By soaking the peg ends with water, they expanded and - boom - the hardwood pegs split the rock. These negative effects made us rethink conventional solid hardwood floors and we realised the need for an alternative type of floor – multi-layer hardwood flooring. This method features a solid hardwood top layer supported by a premium-quality birch plywood core layer. This structure is up to 5 times less susceptible to react to climate changes in comparison to solid hardwood floors and appears almost seamless.

HARO Sports floors receive a factory applied PERMADUR® finish for superior performance and surface protection.

Maintaining a HARO floor with PERMADUR® high finish is much more beneficial and economical for the endusers. The PERMADUR® high finish provides the surface with a consistent and correct friction! Because of its UV treated finish it won't get slipperier as the season goes by, as other finishes can do as they wear down. And it will perform this way for many years without recoating what saves you a lot of money! Also the hall can be used non stop, i.e. no downtime which would be required when recoating the floor.

Every portable and permanent HARO Sports floor meets or exceeds the requirements of German standard DIN V-18032-2, delivering true force reduction of up to 67% for the athlete's safety and up to 98% for ball rebound. In addition to this, our wooden floors are officially approved by the International Basketball Association (FIBA). Our strict attention to detail reduces the risk of injury and will give your athletes the confidence to play at full tilt.


About Hamberger Industriewerke GmbH.

Since 1958 the Hamberger Industriewerke GmbH of Rosenheim near Munich, Germany, manufactures sports floor under the brand name Haro Sports. A team of specialists accompanies investors in their process of decision to find the best floor solution for sport and event halls.

The enterprise which was founded in 1866 is today managed by Peter Hamberger and Dr. Peter M. Hamberger, in the fourth and fifth generation. Besides the Sports Flooring division, Hamberger Industriewerke also includes the divisions Flooring, comprising hardwood, veneer, laminate and cork flooring, Sanitary Ware, and Farming and Forestry. With a staff of approx. 1300 employees and on a production area of 250 000 m² (i.e. approx. 60 acres), an annual turnover of approx. 200 million Euro is achieved. The export share of the company is more than 35%; exports are world-wide into over 50 countries.

HARO Sports - the sport floor division of Hamberger (HARO: abbreviation for Hamberger Rosenheim) – is one of the main players in the sports flooring market worldwide. We have been developing and producing sports floors for over 45 years and have installed sports floors in more than 6,000 arenas world-wide. HARO Sports is represented in over 50 countries internationally from the USA to New Zealand.

Hardwood sports flooring as well as sub-constructions suitable for synthetic coverage belong to our product range. All of our flooring systems meet the demands of the German DIN 18032, part 2, as well as international standards, e.g. British standard BS 7044, NSF, Austrian norm etc. In addition to this, our hardwood floors are officially approved by the International Basketball Association (FIBA).


country: Germany
city: Rosenheim

Manufacture company:   "Hamberger Industriewerke GmbH"



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