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Foss Manufacturing Company

Foss Manufacturing Company, LLC. is a vertically integrated producer of engineered, non-woven fabrics and specialty synthetic fibers. As one of the world's largest needle-punch based manufacturers, Foss is a well known leader and pioneer in the use of synthetic fibers in an ever-expanding number of manners, environments and circumstances.

Foss Manufacturing Company, LLC is a well-known leader and pioneer in the use of non-woven fabrics and specialty synthetic fibers in an ever-expanding number of environments and circumstances. Using state-of-the-art, computerized production in Hampton, New Hampshire, we are unrivaled in our ability to efficiently and effectively design, manufacture, convert, package, and distribute a vast array of products worldwide. As one of the world's largest needle-punch based manufacturers, we have the expertise and experience to support customers' needs across virtually all applications and markets.

Not Your Typical Manufacturing Company

We are driven by innovation. We take pride in our ability to pioneer solutions to complex problems and to take advantage of opportunities for our customers. Our commitment to extensive research and development of new and improved products and technologies is supported by a team of experienced engineers and chemists. That dedication to research and development has paid off. With numerous industry firsts and hundreds of exclusive patents, we are the leader in bringing new specialty non-woven products to market.


Partners in Success

The success of our work comes in large part from the collaborative relationships we develop with clients. Our research and development team routinely works alongside our customers to find the best possible solutions. Foss' approach to problem-solving combined with the experience and skills of our team members enable us to consistently accelerate development time and provide products that exceed our customers' expectations.


Our Corporate Philosophy

Since 1954, our customers have depended on us for highly specialized, cost-effective products that are custom tailored to their requirements. From raw materials to finished fabrics, our dedication to delivering the highest quality is unsurpassed, whether in one-of-a-kind products, or industry standard media. All of our Business Units are ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certified and our rigorous Ten-Point Quality Operating System and Process Controls are based on our simple mantra, "Do It Right the First Time" to optimize reliability and reduce costs.

Our Technology

Technical Capabilities

Well-conceived solutions should accelerate a company's performance. Foss Manufacturing employs one of the oldest yet often overlooked methods for developing solutions and capabilities that are relevant, timely, and appropriate for our clients - we listen! Constant interaction with our clients combined with vigilance regarding existing and emerging technologies helps us filter out marketplace "noise" and put stable, scaleable, and reasonably priced solutions in front of our clients.


Foss' capabilities include:


  • Antimicrobial performance
  • UV protection
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Superior colorfastness & color matching
  • Fire retardancy
  • Water repellancy

Our Brands

Better ideas build better brands, and the disciplined processes we've introduced across the company are helping our brands develop effective strategies and solutions, connect with consumers, and help us remain relevant and competitive.


  • Eco-fi
  • Enviro-mat®
  • Fosshield®
  • Fosscloth
  • Fossflow
  • Fossorb
  • Kafio
  • Kreative Kanvas®
  • The Kunin®Group
  • Ozite®
  • Presto Felt
  • Rainbow Classic Felt
  • Rainbow Felt Kids Packs
  • Rainbow Plush Felt
  • Stratos®
  • Thermozite®
  • TopGuard




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