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Our Mission

At Fisker Automotive we are creating environmentally conscious vehicles that deliver passion, style and performance.

Our Philosophy

Our design philosophy emphasizes that unrivaled purity translates to every element of the Fisker. We drew inspiration from nature’s harmonious balance throughout the car’s design for a pure, clean styling that celebrates timeless beauty.


Henrik Fisker


Henrik Fisker is co-founder, chief executive officer and executive design director at Fisker Automotive. He is also a member of the company’s Board of Directors.

A naturally gifted designer and corporate leader, Fisker has created some of the world’s most iconic automobiles including the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Aston Martin DB9 and BMW Z8.  He sat on the Board of Directors at Aston Martin, where he also served as design director, and he was president and CEO of Designworks USA, BMW’s North American design arm.

Bernhard Koehler


Bernhard “Barny” Koehler is co-founder and chief operating officer at Fisker Automotive.

Koehler spent 22 years with BMW and had an early hand in the creation of the wildly successful New MINI.  He was director of Operations at BMW’s Designworks USA, and director of Business and Operations for Ford Motor Company’s Global Advanced Design Studio in southern California where he was instrumental in the creation of high profile concept cars for Aston Martin.

“We’ve gone back to the old days, when the design used to come first,” says Fisker, a tall, preternaturally youthful 47-year-old Dane who speaks nearly accentless American English. He is strolling the vast design studio tucked behind double-locked doors at the Fisker Automotive headquarters in Orange County, California. Around him are tall boards push-pinned with a wild assortment of images he and his team look to for inspiration—photographs of sand dunes, birds, guitars, British royalty, and beetles—as well as wisps of fabric, papier-mâché cutouts, and palm fronds. In the center of the studio, a full-scale clay model of a future Fisker is modestly draped with a tarp to discourage prying eyes. “Marketing doesn’t build the car here. Focus groups don’t build the car,” says Fisker, who made his reputation designing the V8 Vantage for Aston Martin and the BMW Z8 (versions of both cars have starred in James Bond movies). “Every automobile begins with a sketch, and then we begin solving problems until the project is done. No one builds cars this way anymore.”


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