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Valley of the Roses

It may be hard to believe, but of all the places in the world where roses are cultivated, there are just a handful of regions in only 2 countries that provide just the right conditions to grow this incredible flower in large enough quantities to produce rose otto essential oil! One such area is in Bulgaria, and the others are in Turkey – and both are connected by history.

The origin of the cultivated rose is often quoted as the Gulf of Persia, which is now known as Iran. From the 10th to the 17th century the rose industry was developed and dominated by Persia, and particularly in Shiraz, the famous city of poets and oriental culture.


A nearby valley provided the perfect environment for growing roses, thereby establishing what would in later years become the finest rose oil producing region in the world. This area is now called the ‘Valley of the Roses’, and during 1878 cuttings from the improved stock were returned to Anatolia and planted in Isparta and Burdur, where current rose production still thrives.

Throughout the 19th century, the Bulgarian rose oil industry reigned supreme, almost monopolising the entire world supply of rose oil. This monopoly would not be broken until the industry was nationalised due to dramatic changes in the political and economical climate after World War 2, when production fell into a steady decline. Today, it is believed that Turkey holds the record as the largest producer of rose otto, and only the oil from this country matches the quality and fine fragrance to that of Bulgaria.

The area around    factory is incredibly beautiful and sacred!

Nearby there are 36 caves, two beautiful waterfalls – Skakaloto and Praskaloto, canyon Kabata, rock phenomena Bone Stone and especially one of the emblems of Bulgaria- rock formation „Marvelous Bridges“. Quiet paths lead you through ancient pine forests, fragrant meadows and singing mountain streams.

Only here you can see the unique in the whole world flower “haberlea”. This is an ancient plant that has survived since 17 million years , having anabioza features and used by ancient people for rituals associated with Gods.

Mountain spring of  is located in the oldest land in Europe- the Rhodope Mountains, in the South part of Bulgaria.

According to archaeologists , life in these lands dates from 7000 years ago, referring to stone clusters and solar clocks left by so-called proto-Thrachians.

3000 years after, on their old sanctuaries , Thracian tribe called Besi, built their own sanctuaries according to their beliefs. Now there are clearly observed kilometer stone enclosures and areas of hewn stone blocks, where Thracian carried out rituals and prophecies. Just above the area of the factory for  there are two of these sanctuaries – Large and Small Pangaeus where Romans, Greeks and Thracians came to look for the assistance of prophet. The complex ends with 14 huge necropolis mounds, the largest in the Rhodope Mountains.

At a distance of 70 km from the factory for  is the oldest Thracian sanctuary in Europe – Belintash. It is Holy place filled with mysticism which expects its explorers.

Present Bulgarians carefully kept and built more than 30 Christian churches in this region. Nearby there are five monasteries and the most famous Bachkovo Monastery holds the miraculous icon of St. Mary.

In the region you can visit the sacred for Christians- Cross Forest, a Holy place for hundreds of people, coming there each week.

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