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Elvis & Kresse create stunning life-style accessories by re-engineering seemingly useless wastes. The innovative and pioneering Fire-Hose range is made exclusively from genuine de-commissioned British fire brigade hoses which, after a distinguished career fighting fires and saving lives, were otherwise destined for landfill.

50% of profits are donated to charity.
Elvis & Kresse are constantly thinking about waste. The instant we met the London Fire Brigade we fell in love with their old hose. Although we started in London, Elvis & Kresse now collect hose across the UK and in order to thank Britain’s Brigades, 50% of our profits go back to the Fire Fighters Charity. We scrub away all the soot, grease, and everything else that builds up after 25 years of active duty, and in the process reveal a truly remarkable, truly green textile.

All of Elvis & Kresse's products have the environment at their core - industrial waste is the cornerstone of our brand...

These are some of the materials we reclaim:

  • Condemned fire-hose
  • Waste coffee sacks
  • Tea sacks
  • Scrap sail cloth
  • Used Air Traffic Control flight strips
  • Closed cell foam
  • Cardboard
  • Pallets
  • Parachute silk
  • Office furniture textiles

We are always looking to take on new waste materials, so if you have any commercial and industrial waste, that you don't know what to do with, then maybe (just maybe) we'll be able to help...

Our environmental philosophy permeates the business - all of our packaging is reclaimed or recycled:

- Any boxes have all been used at least once before: old shoe boxes, glasses boxes or even pink lady grapefruit crates
- The pouches for our cardholders, cufflinks, key rings and belts are made from waste tea sack or scrap sail cloth
- Our product labels are printed on end-of-line labels on old shoe boxes, string is strands of old coffee sack
- We wrap our products for shipping in waste tea sacks
- We have sourced an inexhaustible supply of used Jiffy bags
- Our bags are stuffed with reclaimed materials and packaged in a recalimed parachute silk or wedding textile dust bag
- All of our sticky labels are end-of-line
- Our in-store promotional items are made from old pallets


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