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AHL is engaged in the manufacturing of Extract form of Eco-friendly Natural Dyes since 1995. We are one of the leading manufacturer of Natural Dyes in India. Our Natural Dyes are recognised for their quality by Textile and Carpet Industries of India. we create newer and better Natural Products from our continuous R & D towards development of eco-friendly products. Natural Dyes has been used for ages in Carpet industry but people the world over had problems in dyeing with Raw Vegetables. AHL has been successful in making Natural Dyes in extract form. The dyeing duration has been reduced to maximum three hours from earlier two to three days.

The scientific modification in process of application and dye quality makes a dyer feel comfortable while dyeing with extract form of Natural Dyes. AHL is undoubtedly market leaders in India for their extract form of Natural Dyes.

Our biggest treasure is our R & D team which comprises of one of the finest professionals of their field. Who continuously keep working for further technological upgradations in Eco-friendly products.

We thank our valuable customers for their valuable feedback and co-operation in developing the concept of extract from of Natural Dyes.


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Dyes for Textiles
- Natural Hair Colour