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Advance Technology MFG Co are the leading exporters of Salt in different forms. Latest science discoveries have revealed the amazing benefits of natural rock salt for the health of animals. Nature has added 84 minerals and trace elements essentials for well growth for animals.

Natural Pure and Organic Salt Products
However, I take the opportunity to certify that the salt which we are offering you is 100% organic, taken out from natural Himalayan Mines. This is our confirm word and we stand it for ever if still you need any guarantee, we are prepared for that.
Color Available
(White, Pink, Reddish)
Form Available
1. Himalayan Salt Lamp ( Crafted and Natural)
2. Food Grade Salt Grains (Sizes from: 1 mm to 20mm) as per requirement.
3. Himalayan Salt Inhailers
4. Rock Salt Pieces
5. Salt Chunks
6. Himalayan Salt Tiles
7. Himalayan Salt Licks

Manufacturing Facility
We are pleased to inform that we have our own manufacturing faculties equipped with machinery and highly trained staff to meet the modern needs The natural product of these crystal blend from off white to apricot and orange to warm pink each lamp and allied products is carefully handcrafted thus making it unique and one of the kind our salt lamps are hand washed and sun dried making them all Natural and pure.

Our Motto
Our motto is to provide the best quality products at the best prices and generate the Trust Relation with our customers.
Thank you very much for your support to Advance Tec.

Our salt Benefits:-
Please note our salt Information as under
1.100 % Natural pure and organic
2. Nature has added 84 Minerals and trace elements essential for Animal health.
3. Affordable
4. Health Living for Horse
5. Horse pick this salt licks first instead form others (good in taste)
6. Reduce stress form heat and cold and other envoi mental factors
7. Reduced water bloating.
8. Better respiratory and sinus health bone strength batter sleep and vascular health
9. Less stressful metabolism of food
10.Come with rope with hanging solution



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  • Licking Salt
  • Raw Salt
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